The guy and his guitar (and sometimes his backing band) has been done to death, but every so often something new comes along and demands that people take notice. John Swardson and Get Gone are the latest band in this vein to rear their bearded, denim-jacketed selves, and have quietly started garnering accolades. Swardson and company have played only a handful of live shows in the past couple of years due to multiple lineup changes, but this stellar dream of a triple bill should finally start the ball rolling the right direction. The sharp lyrics and occasionally quirky arrangements should quickly lay to rest any "Oh, it's just another guy strumming his guitar and wailing about life"-type reservations you may have, and by the end of the set you'll find yourself wanting more. It's easily accessible while not having been constructed out of easily identifiable, recycled material. Sure, the usual influences are there, but they're referred to on the sly, instead of being used as a shopping excursion. [Pat O'Brien, City Pages, March 2009]