Jim Pullman's latest release is a 6 song EP clocking in at just under 25 minutes. It left me wanting more as Pullman and his band-mates breathe yet another breath of fresh air into the local music scene. Monarchs is a gem, and features a much more cohesive, rocking Pullman band:

  • ”Monarchs” The title track builds into a nice groove that immediately distinguishes itself from “Jackals and Wolves”. It's an invigorating opening track that captures your attention right away.
  • ”I Still Can't Say Your Name”-My personal favorite song on the EP. Great melody, a great “pop” song that just sounds like something you'd hear on the radio. Jim's voice is terrific, and the catchy-hook sticks in your head like a good pop song should. Love it. It's like a lullaby with a beat!
  • ”As We Come Winding Down”-Jim and the boys kick into high gear for this tune, the first single. With a great catchy chorus and an impressive bridge and powerful ending, this tune rocks... This is Jim Pullman “the band”, tight and cohesive...
  • ”Mobile”-Another quick tempo track featuring Scotty Hayden's terrific guitar work. This band sounds much bigger than it's 5 pieces. Joey G and Pedals are driving the bus! A “quick” tune that's over almost as quickly as it begins!
  • ”Midnight of the Soul”- After a couple of upbeat rockers, things slow down with a heartfelt ballad. Jim's voice is in great form here, powerful yet understated, perfect for the lyrical content of this ballad. It builds slowly, until it crescendos with Jim's big voice cutting through the music like a knife through butter, great tune, great arrangement and production.
  • ”So That I Might Tremble”-The only tune on the EP not penned by Pullman, this is Scotty Hayden's creation, yet it somehow meshes wonderfully with the rest of this EP, and again the band sounds much larger than it is, with interesting guitar textures and a great hook. Great closer!

This is Jim Pullman “the band”, sounding seamless and larger than the sum of it's parts. The CD sounds fantastic, layered and “big sounding”. Although very different from the previous release, it still has that distinctive Pullman sound, great songs, interesting lyrical themes and top notch production. While EP's may be the latest craze, it left me wanting more, always a good sign. Jim Pullman Band is one of Eau Claire's local treasures, not to be missed live where the music really takes flight.