Jesse's love affair with house and techno began in the mid 1990's where he began promoting events and DJ'ing in Minneapolis. Most recently though, he was a founding member and resident DJ at Black, Minneapolis' longest running underground house and techno weekly. Held in the Record Room at the legendary First Avenue night club for 5 years, Black was the outlet for forward thinking underground house and techno in the city. Put on by a collective of different promoters over the years, Black was a fixture every Saturday night, giving it's attendees an opportunity to experience world class acts up close and personal in an intimate setting.

Those 5 years played a pivotal role in his development as both a DJ and producer. Having a regular DJ gig for the first time, Jesse was able to perfect the art of the warm up set. Where other DJ's start off the night running, Jesse learned to slow things down, set the mood and slowly craft a vibe and build the tension before the featured guest would take the controls. While the opening sets taught him to dig deep musically, it was his closing sets where he was able to really let things fly and learned to command a dance floor. Heavy, intense, stripped down house and techno, those peak time sets would also play an influential role in his development as a producer. Using his sets and the system at Black as a test lab, Jesse would make music strictly for these performances, and over time sessions helped to evolve and define his sound. Jesse made his production debut with a 12" release on Jonas Kopp's Traut Muzik imprint late in 2012 which received heavy support from some of the biggest names in techno. With more original productions set to be released on a variety of labels in 2013, it's shaping up to quite a year.