Jeremy Ylvisaker is an independent songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and teacher living in south Minneapolis. He is one of the stars in a constellation of local musicians and artists that partner with each other in a variety of music projects including Andrew Bird, Dosh, Guitar Party, The Cloak Ox, Gramma's Boyfriend, and Alpha Consumer.

Adept at a wildly diverse range of styles, he is influenced by Minnesota musicians including Prince (for his groovy, free-styling guitar like Jimi Hendrix), Bob Dylan (for his singing styles that illuminate lyrics that reveal interesting stories), Michael Larsen (EYEDEA), and Martin Dosh (for his multi-layering rhythms). The collision of different musical influences fire Jeremy’s imagination from lo-fi experimental, contrapuntal-Afro rhythmic music, and noise rock – all of which reside under the umbrella of Indie-rock. He uses the K.I.S.S. method while songwriting: keep it simple, silly. The best songs embed musical styles and influences into a single, simple musical expression.