Rapper Jay-Linen began rapping a few years ago after auditioning for the talent show at his high school with now business partner Tha Rain. Linen's personal music taste is best described as "eclectic" --a well deserved title. Anyone with a general love for music and pop culture throughout the years can recognize that his pallet is well fed. His style is hip-hop/rap but his musical influences make him, even at this developmental stage, the type of artist that isn't afraid to ride any beat or create any hook as long as it sounds good.

When choosing a name he looked to pay homage to his favorite rapper Jay-Z, and another musical icon who's music held a big place in his life, John Lennon. By meshing the essence of these two world renowned and revered artists, by finding the fearlessness in himself that made them great he could achieve his wildest dreams, goals and aspirations. Jay-Linen along with Tha Rain began an artist collective called Organized Music in 2008. With a collection of hand picked artists and friends they are poised for a infiltration of the music and fashion industries locally, nationally, and globally.