Rapid verbal onslaught, and flow blanketed with variety, Jay IDK brings us the hunger of an emcee while dropping his Hip Hop education on fans and critics alike. Jay IDK, born Jason Mills in London, England, is a 22 years young artist boasting an understanding of Hip Hop legends, all while displaying his own lane for the title. With an arsenal of bars at his disposal, it is easy to see why the industry has already been showing an awareness of the young emcee. With the goal being to link conscious rhymes with trap music lyrics and delivery, a wide array of ground is to be covered.

But after hearing tracks like Hungry, and Two Hoes, you will instantly get an overview of Jay's talents as a rhyme-sayer. Further reinforcing his own aim, to bridge together two polar ends of the Hip Hop spectrum. As leader of the HXLY TRiBE, an example is being set. Channelling the teachings of 2Pac, Nas, Big L, and A Tribe Called Quest... all while throwing an homage to trap greats like Gucci, Jay shows us how Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge gets them to listen.