The Santa Cruz, California-born and bred vocal powerhouse was raised by a single mother hooked on oldies and two older sisters hyped on New Kids on the Block. In the past two years alone, he has already placed fourth on American Idol in 2011, saw the release of his debut record which peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard Rock Albums chart and debuted Top 40 on The Billboard 200, was named one of Revolver's 100 Greatest Living Rock Stars, and put forth a second album.

Thematically, if Memories of a Beautiful Disaster was - as Durbin once said, built on "frustration, anxiety, and excitement" - then CELEBRATE was built from a stress-free place of gratitude, celebration, and positivity... and LOVE. "This record is more about a celebration of life and music because right now in my life I'm not worried about standing up for metal, or rock, or whatever anyone else has labeled me with,” he says. “I'm just stoked to be able to sing songs that I created, that I wrote. I don't have to yell them. I don't have to scream them. Because they’re already me."