Jamaican Queens is a 3-piece pop act from Detroit - emotionally insecure musicians combining classic pop hooks with some of the more abrasive elements of grime and industrial music. Sounds like Phil Spector churned out self deprecating rave hits from his prison cell. What these boys lack in their ability to deal with basic day-to-day life, they make up for in their obsessive-compulsive commitment to making home recorded pop music. Their forthcoming LP, Downers, begins where their initial release Wormfood left off, with more emotional density.

Jamaican Queens is a songwriting collaboration between Ryan Spencer and Adam Pressley, rounded out by percussionist and philosopher Ryan Clancy. Spencer draws inspiration for his lyrics from his mercurial relationship with modern love, the undeniably violent tendencies of the human spirit, and his sometimes-debilitating bouts with anxiety and depression. Pressley tends to feel the most inspired by some of the more dark and poignant elements found on network TV. Clancy is the witness, the palsied hand that holds the pen over the book of Life, not yet prepared to act. The rare combination of these eccentric personalities, along with an encyclopedia appreciation of everything pop renders their songs challengingly unique and wistfully familiar. Don't fall in love with any one or all of them. They will probably leave you... with bedbugs.