Invidiosus is a death metal/grindcore band from Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. Formed in 2008, Invidiosus blends manic, anxiety-driven death metal with tinges of black metal, grindcore and thrash metal. Their debut album, Malignant Universe, was released in 2014 and distributed by Tridroid Records & and Profane Existence. As of 2018, Invidiosus has toured the U.S. multiple times, as well as headlining in Mexico (x2), Argentina, Colombia (x2), Bolivia, Japan and South Korea. The band takes pride in their DIY, self-funded approach to touring, and has completed international tours using only public transport and what they can carry on their backs. Someday Invidiosus will conquer the earth--but there will be no humans left to see it happen.