Ill chemistry is a musical duo rooted in Hip Hop, using beat box & vocals with the help of a loop pedal and effects pedal. Since their beginning, the group has been an innovative addition to the Twin Cities music scene. Their collaboration includes not only stage performances but work with youth. Together, Desdamona & Carnage have been developing a curriculum called R.hythm A.nd P.oetry that includes beat box technique and creative song writing. The two regularly work in schools around the midwest, inspiring youth to find their voice and use it. The duo was deemed ill chemistry by a fan because of the connection they have on stage and after numerous fans mentioned the chemistry they shared, it was clear what the name of the group should be. Each member has their own solo projects available on itunes and other download sites. Look for Desdamona & Carnage The Executioner - They are featured on each other's projects! So, check it out and get a taste of ill chemistry before their first full length drops on Jan 31, 2012!