Holographic Sands are based in Minneapolis but come off like the bastard child of Wisconsin’s Violent Femmes and a desert banshee from a Western spaghetti. Front man Jared Carrigan’s understated vocal is nevertheless instantly comparable to Gordon Gano and Frank Black, and also travelling troubadour Eef Barzelay at points. [...] This side of ‘American music’ is often forgotten about in favour of the more obvious genres of the country, but our mates stateside have always been able to kick a hole in the wall labelled “garage punk” large enough to make the musicians of Britain quake. Holographic Sands are the perfect example of America doing it damn right, and during a time when few bands like this are around, we’re hoping they smash it in 2013. Because we want to see them live. [Drunken Werewolf]