Holidae is the new project from local R&B singer Ashley Gold and veteran synth savant Garrett Neal. Combining pop sensibilities with futuristic soundscapes and a strong visual element, Holidae will haunt your dreams and soundtrack your adventures. Their debut album was released April 22, 2016.

“If it doesn’t make you dance, what’s the point?” Garrett Neal asked that question to wrap up his thoughts on the glories of pop music. His conversation had darted from classical composers (“Bach is the ultimate pop musician”) to synthesizer specs. In the end, he said, it all comes back to the music’s energy: Pop has to move a crowd.

Holidae — the synthy project he shares with R&B vocalist Ashley Gold — can do that. Their first song, “Darkest Shade,” turns from “Flashing Lights”-esque synths to tender vocals, and it’s danceable. [Star Tribune]