Minneapolis-based Hard_R was introduced to the scene in 2016 via a feature on P.O.S of Doomtree’s emotional release of “Sleepdrone/Superposition.” Although, Hard_R is the Doomtree rapper’s son, P.O.S told Star Tribune that he wouldn’t have had his son on the track “if he didn’t already have his own flourishing sound.”

Two years later, and the teenage emcee has done nothing but continue to develop his youthful, yet aggressive sound and build a robust catalog. His SoundCloud page includes diverse collaborations, from his bouncy turn-up track, “Sauced Up,” featuring Gaines to his more serious reflection on pain and loneliness, “DAMAGE,” featuring Arvell Genius.

In his recent release, Hard_R successfully proves he’s “Running Everything.” The jazzy Mr. Carmack production gives off nostalgic, ’90s hip-hop vibes, and the fluid stream of bars on the boastful track is just as special as the throwback sound of the beat. In typical Hard_R fashion, there is a dark undertone to what might seem like a stunt track at first. Throughout the song he recites an “I don’t wanna die” ad-lib, and by the end he says, “Kill me I’ll just get more fans.”

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