Har-di-Har is a Twin Cities-based dream-pop/psychedelic-folk duo that play intricately-composed music for voice, guitar/bass, and keyboard while simultaneously splitting the drumset between the separate hands and feet of each member. Strong melodies, complex harmonies, and spacious soundscapes, combine to create a stimulation of the senses played as three-legged contests are won.

Midwesterners each, the Iowa natives are poised at a crossroads of American sound, geographically and historically. The deft pair is at equal ease and inspired by the music of: Mates of State, Stereolab, The Microphones, Dirty Projectors, Phillip Glass, and St. Vincent. Their love of dance music combines to create a sum that has been called "D&V"--as the sound is largely driven by drums and vocal harmonies.

Their sound inhabits that perfect balance where a melodic line enters emotional space, as though Miles Davis were performing Gregorian chant. Julie's richly mellifluous rasp calms the experimental ambition of the group to an emotionally cogent sincerity. The result is a familial, yet strangely enchanting, heart-strung wonderment that seems a portrait (as much as an expression) of the obviously-compassionate pair.