Breakdown is one of the first songs that I recorded when I got back to Minneapolis from Las Vegas. In November, 2015 I debuted my music for the first time at a show. It went very well, and I decided to stay in Minneapolis for a extra week to connect with people because I was only supposed to be there for one week to perform and record. My friend DJ Odiño introduced me to a producer named The Ark, we kicked it all night playing beats, and free-styling a lot of vocals and different raps to see how we connected on a musical level. He played a beat that had this crazy guitar on it, my friends and I instantly started to chant "you, you, you,you." Long story short I didn't not go back home to Vegas. The inspiration for Breakdown video was just raw, fun vibes with friends and young natural culture. I really just wanted people to see the shit that I see, how I see it.