Come witness the rise and fall of that all-American icon the televangelist, in this wildly imaginative, media-saturated performance propelled by the yearning beauty of Greycoats’ music, with a bump of gold-tinted 1980s nostalgia. Drawing inspiration from true stories of American evangels who flew too close to the sun, CHARISMA! invites audiences on a marathon of telethons, confronting a cult of personality, humanity’s carnal nature, and the impossibility of living up to a divine ideal.

Stage directed and co-created by theater artist Seth Bockley. Film directed and shot by cinematographer Kevin Horn. CHARISMA! brings theater, film and pop music together, while doubling as the release of Greycoats’ fourth studio album, September 20-23 at The Southern Theater in Minneapolis.

“What if Jimmy Swaggart fronted Joy Division?” And then, as these things do, it went off the rails...

22 songs were tracked over 9 days in October, 2017 at The Library Recording Studio in Minneapolis. 18 made the cut. So did Cooper Doten, joining on bass, as the band reimagines themselves as a five-piece. No strangers to ambition, Greycoats chase the spectacular with the release of every album, pairing films to songs for Setting Fire to the Great Unknown (2008), hosting an art exhibition for World of Tomorrow (2013) and building a midi-controlled spaceship for Adrift (2015). But if we’re gonna talk about a concept album, this is probably it — from a band that was built for the stage.