Percolating out from the southern part of Minneapolis comes the genius MC, producer, drummer and visual artist, Greg Grease. Utilizing his poetic vision of what he sees and perceives, Greg truly brings to light a sharp and refreshing new style and flow.

Old track themes and past album messages still linger on this new boldly sounding studio album titled Down So Long, like ghostly spirits haunting over a large well kept graveyard, making sure you never forget your past and where you have come from. Delving deep into inner city society and dealing with the corporate grasping rule over our modern day and the present day black man. These themes hit hard and fast like a boxer training with a speed bag in the corner of his gym, especially on Jungle, and the title track, Down So Long.

After completing this breathtaking new project, you really will want to go back and discover the fines details and craftsmanship in the production of each beat. Drawing fresh loops and samples from 70's and 80's Soul RnB piano, mixed with moody and ominous and ornate synths that build and blend together so harmoniously, the subtle flute and guitar is just icing on the cake.

This album creates a vivid, colorful, modern masterpiece, truly utilizing multiple hot button issues such as politics and social injustices to serve as the color palette, while Greg's hazy, off beat cadence serves as the paintbrush. If your really feeling this eclectic sound and are wanting more, please go checkout Greg Grease's past discography through his Soundcloud or Spotify. [Eaarwax]