Ghost In The Water was born of a mutual love of catchy melodies, vocal harmonies and dynamic beats. Comprised of Nathan and Mandy Tensen Woolery, the Minneapolis, MN natives create lush, charming Electropop with help from an array of synthesizers, samplers, guitars, and a tangle of extension chords. In 2008, GITW released their first album, Tooth. Featuring gorgeous vocals and catchy keyboard beats, Tooth offers a dense emotional tone full of pathos mixed with foreboding.

With their second release, Shooting Star and Battle Scars (2011), the band showed off their love of Pop and Funk with songs like "Secrets for Science" and "Can You Drop It Like It's Hot?" The music of Ghost In The Water hangs suspended between the twin poles of childlike enthusiasm and haunted memories. Like gazing upward at a star-filled sky while weighed down by the responsibilities of the everyday, their music is simultaneously uplifting and pressed with longing. Maybe it's magic. The latest Ghost In The Water album, Destroy (2013), is available now on Bandcamp.