The purpose of Gastro Non Grata is to welcome you to the world of better eating, smarter drinking and a Mickey Rooney/Dirty Garage Rock feel. You have to look for it because "they" are trying to hide it from you. The Top 40 countdown, The Chain Link Garden restaurants and Beer flavored water makers of the world want you to think their beats are fresh, their food doesn't come from a frozen bag and the stuff in the can is really beer. We want to tell you about the few food, drink and warriors in these parts that are fighting the good fight, Idealists with a purpose, People that actually give a crap about what they do and how they're received by real people. Better consumption means better bowel movements for all.

Persona Non Grata is an old timey way of saying certain people are purposefully not invited to a function, a snub some would say. Your crazy drunk uncle that's not allowed to thanksgiving anymore would be a good example. Gastro Non Grata is our latinish term for unwelcome gastronomy. We're here to call out the Big Guys out there pushing processed food full of preservatives, beer made with adjuncts instead of ingredients and the lowly bastards that are passing off an autotuner as an instrument. If there is bacon not bloated up with 60% water, we'll be there. If a burger is hand pattied, stuffed full of cheese and cooked to a perfect pink medium, we will eat it. If you can barely see through your cask-conditioned ale, We will first sip and appreciate it, then swallow it with relish. We are Gastro Non Grata.