Glasgow's art-damaged rock quartet Franz Ferdinand -- named for the Austro-Hungarian Archduke whose murder sparked World War I -- features bassist Bob Hardy, drummer Paul Thomson, and singer/guitarist Alex Kapranos.

Franz Ferdinand have announced a new album: Always Ascending, due out February 9, 2018 via Domino. The band’s fifth studio LP, it follows 2013’s Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action and the 2015 collaborative album FFS. Franz Ferdinand recorded Always Ascending with producer Philippe Zdar, who’s worked with Cassius, Phoenix, and the Beastie Boys, among others. It’s the band’s first LP with their new lineup: Earlier this year, they added Julian Corrie (keyboards, guitar) and Dino Bardot (guitar), who join original members Kapranos, Hardy, and Thomson. Nick McCarthy left the group in 2016.