When the beloved Minneapolis band Nice Purse tragically ceased to be, a smoking hole was left where the bombastic group once stood tall. Fortunately for the humans of the universe, lead man France Camp decided to continue writing and releasing his own brand of surf punk under his assumed name - along with James Wolfeatens, Dylan Rose and Kyle Kimm - to equally awesome returns. 

Throughout their blistering eight track debut album [2013], France Camp play smash-n-grab to their rock n roll forefathers, blending and stitching sounds ranging from blues to surf to country twang to brazen punk. Recorded dutifully by Ali Jaafar at Ecstattic Studios in Minneapolis, the band was able to capture the torching, ramshackle energy promised from their often chaotic live performances. 

"Departing from the sunny, surf-kissed melodies of their self-titled debut EP, Purge [2015] follows France Camp into darker, heavier territory, mixing elements of hard psychedellica with pulverizing stoner metal riffs, crafting a far nastier concoction in the process. The record's title quickly became an apt metaphor for the band's creative headspace, wrestling with their own personal and musical demons and using the album as a release from the swirling negativity they were experiencing." - Zach McCormick, City Pages