Fraea is the Minneapolis-based duo of Jessie Daley and Drew Preiner who together combined to create musing, hypnotic shadow pop. Fraea — a stylized take on Freyja, the goddess of beauty, love and sex, but also death, war and the underworld — encapsulates the idea of opposites coming together to create beauty, compassion and catharsis.

The heart of years and years of lonely love songs scribbled on notebook pages seems to float on top of an ethereal sound synthesis of earworm hooks and heavy beats. It’s as if a passion for storytelling and sound creation that borders on obsession connect, finally, to create a sonic landscape that’s so colorful it's dark, so moody it's approachable, so pixelated it's smooth.

"Not unlike the work of Purity Ring and FKA twigs, [Fraea] sounds futuristic yet warm and familiar, born out of a world that’s similar but not quite identical to our own." - Consequence of Sound