Fox & Coyote’s new full-length album Scattered Shadows on a Double Bed is a sonic panorama – juxtaposing hushed confessions with raging guitar solos, thick cello crescendos with existential howls. Lyrically, the songs are self-critical, romantic, anxious, and sincere. Almost a decade ago, Ryan Evans and Jonathan Harms – Fox & Coyote’s songwriters – first played together.

It wasn’t long before Fox & Coyote’s musical ideas needed more than their guitar and banjo. In addition to Ryan (lead vocals, guitar) and Jonathan (lead vocals, banjo, keys), Fox & Coyote is Katherine Canon (cello, vocals), Grant Gordon (upright bass, electric bass), and Kenny Befus (drums). Ryan and Jonathan act as co-directors, pushing Fox & Coyote beyond what listeners expect from a guitar-banjo songwriting duo. With Scattered Shadows on a Double Bed, Fox & Coyote showcases their most ambitious work yet.

"The cool earnestness of Fox & Coyote makes them immediately relatable despite their more avant garde elements." - City Pages