“Flora” was started by John Kuker in 1998. He released a CD of his songs, titled Keep Cats Off Catnip, which he recorded at his studio, Seedy Underbelly. It was a mishmash of lush, mungy guitar tones, his soft spoken melodic vocals, his slushy drums, and a whole bunch of other weird stuff thrown in between, behind, and all around the songs. In 1999, John, began playing live with his long-time friend, Adam Zaske on drums, and Amy Buchanan on bass. In the summer of 2002, Flora were asked to play Bastille Day at The New French Bar, in the Mpls. warehouse district. John had to be out of town on a trip with his dad to Alaska, so rather than forego the gig, John went into Seedy Underbelly and recorded just his guitar and vocal tracks.

For the show, Adam Zaske and Amy played along to his recorded tracks - with their friend Becky playing the role of John in his red wig, polyester pants, Motley Crüe t-shirt, and burgundy Dean V. For this special show, Adam and Amy will re-enact that show, and use John's tracks to play along to. It will sort of be like when Tupac appeared as a hologram at Coachella, except without the actual hologram.