Most romantic relationships can't survive a 1,000-mile wedge, which means the mere existence of Flip Rushmore might prove music is more powerful than love. The route between Minneapolis and Nashville is daunting for drivers without an appreciation for so-called flyover country, but it brought together an indie quartet — Alex Smith, Dan Klauer, Nick Spielman, and Adam Szczepaniak — that founded a band and recorded a full-length debut, Big, If True (released June 1, 2018).

Their album was the culmination of nearly two years in the studio — progress was made whenever Smith trekked back to his hometown Twin Cities — and the band managed to put together a pair of debut shows in Minneapolis with slim rehearsal time. Now, the foundation is in place for something special, as evidenced by a packed 7th St Entry crowd at the Big, If True release party. Distance is but a number, after all.