Pat Dougherty began writing songs in a borrowed storage closet. Tinkering with only a borrowed drum set and an old organ, he would periodically emerge to share the works in progress to handful of close friends that would later become Fairfax, AK. After spending the summer performing around the Midwest, Dougherty retreated to an attic in a worn, yellow house in Frogtown and began crafting, Love Stories and Picture Shows.

Fairfax, AK is an acoustic battlefield. Relentless energy makes live performances a spectacle. Dougherty refuses to use setlists, and will often improvise songs, lyrics, and dynamics. Any audience member should come ready to participate because this punk rock troubadour will yell, clap, and stomp through some of the most unique folk songs you will ever hear.

"That might have been the loudest folk act I have ever heard" - Steve McCllellan

“Dougherty has the songwriting skills and artistry to bring it to the next level.” - Rich Horton of Rift Magazine

"This Minneapolis group has made an album with great songwriting and great use of dynamics, especially on 'Invisible Monsters.'" -Dan Heier of the Star Tribune