Beginning in 2005, Thomas Maddux started to play with minor chords and darker tones. This came to fruition in 2010 with the release of the Circus EP as El Le Faunt, singing songs of his love of vaudeville, the circus, Russian folk stories, the cabaret, and people long forgotten with troubled minds with disturbed souls. Joining him now is His Traveling Circus which is composed of Cody D Fitzpatrick on Percussion, Tom Reinert on Bass, Aleko Loughrey on Classical Guitar, Jonah the Destroyer on Accordion, Clarinet, and Saw, Turkeyes Laffity with her back-up vocals, Tyler Nordmark on Cornet, and Bennie Netzley on Sousaphone.

"The vaudeville-esque El Le Faunt a.k.a. Thomas Maddux brings to mind a charmingly wicked, mustachioed version of Tom Waits...if Tom Waits lived inside the twisted mind of Neil Gaiman, that is. Flanked by a quirky cast of characters wielding mandolins, fiddles, melodicas, clarinets, saws and more, El Le Faunt's "Traveling Circus" is one part performance art and one part hypnotizing Euro-folk." []