Rarely does such skillful musicianship, clever songwriting and honest, raw emotion come together in one person as they do in Dylan McFarling. Having polished his performance chops in and around Minnesota since high school, Dylan found himself recording and playing with a number of local Minnesota acts before finding a comfortable home as a musical collaborator and lead guitarist for singer-songwriter Paul Spring.

Unfortunately, Midway through college in Minnesota, depression and other issues led Dylan to drop out and nearly give up on music entirely. These days, he has returned to full health and regained control of his life. With balance restored, Dylan has returned to his original passion for music and is coming out of the woodwork with a debut release that will likely leave Midwest music lovers wondering how they’re only learning about him now.

While the origins of Dylan’s style can be traced all along the Mississippi his heart belongs in the midwest. His distinctly personal, roots-oriented songwriting recalls elements of folk, soul, and vintage rock, while his rural Minnesotan roots produce a country/blues twang that furnish his stories with the sting of cold winters and romance of warm summers and lakes.