Dykes Do Drag is a performance art drag cabaret that has been regularly selling out the Bryant Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater in Minneapolis since 1999. Dykes Do Drag are queers of all genders and orientations that anyone could fall for, celebrating an expanding continuum of gender expression and performance. This performance art cabaret, started in 1999, is the longest running show of its’ kind featuring drag, burlesque, boi-lesque, live music, modern dance, video and visual art and lip synching in enticing and exciting hilarity. 

It’s sexy, radical, entertaining, titillating, kinky and fun. Exploring all variations of gender performance across the gender spectrum and sometimes even across the street, the performers of Dykes Do Drag are always entertaining and intriguing, if sometimes a little puzzling. Drag, burlesque, live music, film and video, modern dance and visual art all come together on one small stage creating a comfortable environment to be who you are, perhaps question who you want to be, but mostly to have a sexy and raucous good time.