The Dumpy Jug Bumpers are a string band from Minneapolis, MN that brings back the reckless sounds of string band music - country blues, ragtime, jug band, jazz, and more - from the era of shellac '78s. Quirky yet sophisticated, they play the old songs with an authentic fervor, and compose catchy originals which find their place right alongside them. Utilizing resophonic guitar, kazoo, harmonica, double bass and the plunky mandolin-banjo, they transform any stage or street corner into a barrelhouse romp.

The DJB started playing in the Twin Cities and surrounding area in 2012, since honing what has become the robust hash that comprises their style. They are winners of the Duluth, MN Battle Of The Jug Bands, held residency at Seward Café for almost two years, and have left audiences satisfied in barns, breweries, bars, and beyond. They now celebrate the release of their second album, Dumptown - a deepening of their expertise on the old styles of music, as well as a hefty dose of new original material.

Drew Temperante's (Alas, Alas) gravel-toned voice rumbles across finger-picking from his resophonic guitar, and mandolin-banjo licks to boot; veteran bass player Liz Draper (Okee Dokee Brothers, Cactus Blossoms) puts the bow to the gut; Tom Phelan (People's Jug Band) swoops and soars on the harmonica; and Aaron "Muskrat" Barck busts it down on the jug and parlor guitar in addition to vocal duties. Their songs will remind you of past times that may never have been, or that slipped between the cracks of genre and memory. Just as comfortable playing some nasty blues as they are sophisticated 20's jazz, or a little fiddle tune, know that you’ll leave feeling better than you did before.