Double Grave formed in late 2014 as the natural next step for three friends in Minneapolis. Theirs is a broad flavor of punk, tinged with pop and noise all while unafraid of a slow burning melody or sharp turn. Grounded in the honest and idol-free energy of basements across the country, there is a palpable determination and seriousness within the band, crafted over two relentless years of playing and recording.

Their first LP, New Year’s Daydream (2017), brought it all to a head, as they explored isolation, identity, romance, truth, and friendship. The followup 7" "Empty Hands" (co-released by Sad Cactus and Forged Artifacts) saw the trio coalesce their sound into a polished noisy package, full of scuzz-infected songs that are simultaneously accessible and endlessly rewarding.

“Before they were Double Grave, the Minneapolis trio of Jeremy Warden, Bree Meyer, and Seth Tracy played for three years under the moniker Ego Death. In collaboration with the great Forged Artifacts, the band has compiled a reissue of that early work. Comprised of their first single as a band (“The Kiss” premiering here today), and their final EP from the Ego Death era, the tape, Ego Death Forever (2019), is a delightful review of an early era of a band that has matured and grown over the past 6 years into a formidable act. In that time they’ve eschewed some of their sun-drenched pop-ness like that on “The Kiss” for their heavier, -gazier sound of contemporary releases.

“The Kiss” is a standout song, sounding maybe something like a distinctly Ego Death/Double Grave attempt at a Bombay Bicycle Club track, with a dominant, buoyant riff that comfortably sits above incredibly steady work from Meyer’s bass and Tracy’s drumming. It is blissfully romantic without being the least bit trite — the goal of so much songwriting — and frenetic without being rushed. Warden exalts: “I met you in north Wisconsin/ you were hauling plants out of a van/ I knew I didn’t stand a chance” a humanly relatable sentiment in every way, except perhaps geographically.” - Post-Trash