Madison band Dolores’ spunky, psychedelic rock is infectious and their charisma is unbridled. Frontman Javi Reyes dances goofily and bounces around the stage; bassist Willie Christianson seems to have a smile permanently etched on his face; keyboardist Adam Thein steadily churns out funky, psychedelic melodies; drummer Teddy Mathews is lively behind the drum set. It all comes together to create a lively, enjoyable show.

Their goal is to play memorable shows, but their recordings prove to be just as enjoyable. Nectar Fields, the band’s debut EP released August of last year, is a display of everything good about psychedelic rock. From the poppy, upbeat, almost ridiculously catchy “Fight Fire With Fire” to the more spaced-out “Philly’s Got a Plan,” Nectar Fields has way more polish than would be expected from a band’s debut. [Badger Herald, 2/26/15]