we are a rock and roll band from Columbus Ohio. our names are nick & jon. we make backyard bbq breakup music.

the first song we wrote was its over. we were trying to write our own version of macy grays i try. in a few hours the song was done, and later that night in a text message we decided to start a band called DOC ROBINSON combining the two musical bookends of our influences dr dog and smokey robinson. we would later find out through you tube search results that DOC ROBINSON is also a world renowned fighting rooster, who has since squired several generations of fighting roosters.

we made our first ep GOLDEN DAZE with mike landolt, who is canadian, at vital studios in columbus ohio. It took 6 months, 237 cups of strong coffee, 74 pieces of uncle nick’s greek fried chicken, 26 separate viewings of the music video ‘out for a rip’ by canadian artist shark tank, and 1 bottle of moonshine. next we made a full length record called DEEP END. It took 4 months, 13 musicians, (george barrie, jake levy, jeff bass, aaron bishara, todd hamric, seth bain, adam bidwell, terrance farmer, larry cook, adrian jusdanis, evan oberla, doug neel) 3 babies (frankie barrie, ella bass, ramona d’andrea) 2 studios (oranjudio, shred shed) 66 kickstarter backers, 7 adderals, and 1 trombone glissando.

We are putting out two records on 4.20.18 called RING OF LOVE and LICKS VOL 1. ROL was recorded and pressed at musicol studios in Columbus, OH established and continuously operating since 1964. The arsenal of analogue equipment it provided was an embarrassment of riches. Keith Hanlon expertly engineered every performance, mostly live full band takes with our first string of ringers George Barrie (elc gtr), Jeff Bass (bass), and Aaron Bishara (drums). then a small army of friends and fellow musicians came in to record. Robert Mason on piano and organ, Riley Hall on backing vocals, Evan Westfall on banjo, Kevin O'Neil on flute and sax, Rob Maccabee on baritone trumpet, Adam Bidwell on trumpet, and Chris Shaw on violin.

We wrote 3 of the songs with help from our friends. "Ring of Love" w/ Rob Maccabee, "Leave A Light On" w/ Taylor Meier, and "Like You Do" w/ Jason Quicksall. It was then produced inside of George Barrie's Track Shack, then down to Athens, OH for Josh Antonnuccio at 3 Elliott studios to cast his magic spells on it. Next off to Vital Studios where Fred Blitzer mastered it with staggering precision. Also we sent "Leave A Light On" and "Morning Stay" off to sunny Seattle to our canadian brother Mike Landy for his special gold dust. Finally back to Musicol where it was pressed into sweet black vinyl. ​

LICKS VOL 1 is a collaboration mixtape we created with 12 other musicians from all different genres. this record represents the efforts of 14 artists working together to create something new under the sun. jeff / ashawn / george / jake / nick / jon / liz / sarob / glenn / ashad / pxvce/ siri / aziza / taylor / parker. all of our labors were under the jedi guidance of Joey Gurwin at his Oranjudio Studio, where we recorded, mixed and mastered the record. made possible with the love and generosity of jeni’s splendid ice creams / four strings brewing co. / and soul step records. 6 songs available on vinyl through soulstep records.