DJ Clear is in love—not with a stripper, but with house music. If you gave him the chance, he’d shout it from the rooftops, but you’re better off catching him behind the decks, working his special brand of four-on-the-floor magic. Even though Clear is a veteran of the Minneapolis dance scene, he’s hardly letting his relationship with the music slip into a pattern of lazy comfort. No, his passion for the pounding beat is unmistakable as he gets his whole body into the mix; shoulders lurching, hips rocking, and a pair of hands busy at work. His selections mirror his enthusiasm, picking high energy music for people that want to party until sunrise.

Starting out as an integral part of Teopelli Productions in 2001, Clear put in long days (and longer nights) of hard work to perfect his craft and make every event the best it could be. An early partnering with j. matthews (now a member of HotDish) formed duo Midnight Click, in which Clear expanded his lexicon of house music and became accustomed to playing a wide range of styles. Now, as a part of dance titans Sound In Motion, he has honed his sound to a bleeding edge, gravitating toward a grimy, funky sound that’s been known to inspire more than a few dancefloor freak-outs. Under the covers or on the decks, DJ Clear will make you scream for more.