Dark rock duo with low-end bass and electronic elements. Based in Minneapolis. Dichotomy creates a sound that is heavy and soulful, yet other-worldly and electronic. New LP The Shattered Project out now. Dichotomy is releasing one single each month for the year 2017.

"Dichotomy floats in the twisted electro abyss somewhere between Wiping Out Thousands and Marijuana Deathsquads." -Michael Rietmulder, Vita.mn

"Throw a little Ableton, a little violin, a little staring into space, and some spine-rattling bass into a blender and you get Dichotomy, a three-piece that sounds like the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority could have taken a much shorter time to reduce the Metrodome to rubble if they’d let these guys play a gig there." -Jay Gabler, The Current