Emerging from Vacaville, California, by way of Minneapolis MN, Matt Mulheran is on a mission to become a prominent producer in the Underground Hip- Hop scene. Since being drawn to Hip-Hop by the jazz infused music of A Tribe Called Quest, Matt, operating under the name of Diatonic, has continually pushed to create a new breed of Hip-Hop.

The D.J./ producer/ audio engineer is currently working diligently at 3 different studios around the Twin Cities. Primarily influenced by underground Hip-Hop pioneers 9th wonder, J.Dilla, and Pete Rock, Ta-Ku, Sango, Evil Needle, Diatonic poses a sharp contrast to the today's mainstream Hip-Hop by rejuvenating classic songs and creating lively soulful Hip-Hop instrumentals. In doing so he hopes to spread the soul music that is usually kept underground throughout the hip hop community, and, on a larger scale, throughout the world as a whole.