Beauty or beast? A relevant question to ask in getting to know Destiny. The St. Paul, MN native brings a familiar and delightful feeling through her art, reminiscent of an old school hip hop and neo soul era, with a strong dose of something well ahead of her time. A true artist and creator, she hand crafts, designs and produces everything she does from music to style, videos, photography, and graphic design pieces.

Having learned to produce at a very young age, Destiny has excelled in stepping into the forefront and has quickly established herself as a multifaceted and versatile creator. Specifically creating with a purpose; art that uplifts and empowers young women, as she serves as a leading example of what it means to have wisdom, self worth and purpose irrespective of gender. She exudes positive energy and her work fully exemplifies an even more powerful feeling, evident through her captivating performances as she floats naturally between singing and rapping. In case you’re still wondering the answer to if this 21 year old is either a beauty or beast, it’s safe to say there’s so much more to this young Queen to unfold. There lies the beauty and the beast.