Inspired by a lifelong obsession with pop music, DENNIS is a DIY Britney Spears-meets-Grimes electronic pop band born out of Minneapolis. Artist Katie Bolin started DENNIS in her bedroom in 2009, as an homage to Swedish producer Denniz Pop (1963-1998) who created the iconic 90s pop sound.

DENNIS has since grown into a trio—Katie as executive producer / singer / songwriter / drum machiner, the talented Sarah Morrison as bassist / singer / songwriter, and Nigel Carleton as a sparkling multi-instrumentalist (drums, guitar, synth, sampler).

DENNIS's addictive pop melodies and colorful live sets have created a cult following in the Twin Cities and beyond. Their self-made “ratpop” sound—mixing biting lyrics and self-respect vibes with electric beats and a serious DIY work ethic—always leaves you smiling, dancing, and wanting more.