Emerging from seemingly thin air in northern Wisconsin, the mysterious hard rock band Deep Sleep Operator has already made a bold statement with it's over the top, take no prisoners debut album which sounds like a soundtrack to a sci fi apocalypse. While the Earth Sleeps contains 13 tracks that not only hit the listener's ears with bulldozer like power, but oddly enough, also pulls them into a dream world filled with alien life forms and black magic. Lead singer/guitarist Mark Ehlers sums up the band best with the statement...”When Steven Spielberg has nightmares....it sounds like this.”

Apparently Spielberg's nightmares have an alluring sound when paired up with menacing guitar riffs and sledgehammer like drum beats, the 1st single “Spiritual Warfare” has already gotten international airplay on Slip Stream Radio in the UK as well as the Heavy Decibels radio program on 88.2 southern FM in Melbourne Australia, and the song took the number 5 spot on the top 10 played songs during the week of Oct 8th on KHRN Rock radio in Dallas Texas. Other DSO Tracks such as “Feed them Dirt”, ”Teacher of the Black Arts” and “Don't take a Knife to a Gunfight” have also seen regular rotation on Broken neck Radio in Victoria BC Canada, Social Distractions radio in North Carolina and Rock101radio.com.

“The only thing better than hearing the album, will be hearing it live,” adds Ehlers. “I have assembled a live band to bring the DSO sound to the world's stage, and on that stage we will make glorious spectacles of ourselves....playing Feed them Dirt while staring at my shoes does not interest me,..unless my shoes are on fire.”