Dead Skull is an American rock band from Minneapolis, MN. It all started with Brian Johnson writing and playing guitar with his drum machine. He wrote and wrote and worked up enough songs to start performing out in public. After a few shows he realized the drum machine had to go. He needed a drummer if he was gonna play rock ‘n’ roll. His friend Amber joined on to keep the backbeat for a year or more till they parted ways musically. Now Brian’s got his big brother Dan backing him up, and their sound couldn’t be better or bigger!


Hard and solid they bring back the primal sound of rock- AC/DC, Motorhead, the Stooges, and all the old SST Records bands Brian grew up listening to. Sounds like a revival act right? No, Dead Skull’s not trying to ride on anyone’s coattails. They’re just doing what they can to have fun; keep it simple and direct to the crowd. It’s a new sound that hasn’t forgotten all the great rock music that came before. The BANGERS EP is Dead Skull’s debut album, recorded by Brian himself a couple years back in various apartments and practice spaces. It’s the beginning of Dead Skull’s Bangers Trilogy. Three EP’s collecting all of Brian’s early work along with some new material. The BANGERS EP is out now available on CD and online. Check it out! Solid rock with a punk upbringing. Enjoy!