With his debut album Hallowed Ground, Daryl Hance has stepped out from his 12-year long role as guitarist for southern rock and soul band JJ Grey & Mofro, just as if compadre Grey and his Mofro cohorts eased their skiff up close enough to the bank for Hance to jump off and venture back out into his own neck of the woods. A landscape decorated by an unrelenting sonic-blast of groovin' rock and roll music built of humid-heavy blues-driven guitar grooves, fully-cranked funky riffs, soothing slide and acoustic guitars. All cushioning a very laid back and largely introspective vocal style atop thick bass lines and pocket-locked drums.


In February 1990 Daryl received a call from JJ Grey, a friend he had met when they worked together at an air conditioning company on Jacksonville's west side back in 1986. Becoming re-aquainted they spent the early-mid 1990s piecing together several different projects before starting the rock and soul band Mofro (JJ Grey & Mofro) in the late 1990s. Releasing four acclaimed albums, they have been playing and touring almost constantly in the United States since 2001, as well as in Canada, Europe, and Australia. During this time, Hance has been steadily building up his own repertoire of homecrafted songs and musical ideas.

Daryl has been writing music since he started playing guitar in 1986, but had only dabbled in songwriting from time to time. It wasn't until 1997 while recording music at home one night after work that he discovered he could actually sing and write songs for himself. After returning home to Florida from London in September 1999, where he had joined Grey in getting Mofro going, he went to work. When not touring with Grey and Mofro or working a day job, he spent much of his time writing and recording song demos and honing his craft, working to make his voice and guitar at ease with one another.

Now armed with a strong debut in Hallowed Ground, Daryl Hance has already shared the stage with JJ Grey & Mofro, Chuck Prophet and The Mission Express, Jace Everett, The Legendary JCs, Damon Fowler, Tab Benoit, Amelia's Mechanics, Charles Walker and the Dynamites, Grupo Fantasma, Greyhounds, and Thomas Wynn and the Believers. Performed at The Blackwater Music Festival, Faux Blood Festival, Antemesaris Rock and Roll People's Party, and Hallowed Ground has made Amazon #1 Hot New Releases in Modern Blues several times since it's release, as well as Amazon #4 Modern Blues best sellers and best sellers Southern Rock. Daryl is set and ready to share the stage with a whole lot more folks out there on the road soon!