Dan from the Radio Beats and Test Patterns took the core of his latest band the Activations and threw in some amazing Pittsburgh musicians and out came the realization of his life’s work. A band that would embody the punk rock stylings of The Devil Dogs, mixed with the pop punk craziness that Teengenerate brought to the scene, and then let’s throw in some crazed, high velocity rock n roll like Guitar Wolf. Danger Signs is what you get.

Their record and their live show pulls from all the great bands listed above and gets channeled into a high volume and highly frenetic live show that does not stop. Ever. The Danger Signs give you a trial of Rock N Roll by fire. The Danger Signs kicked off the Big Neck Records Fest in Chicago this year and then headed out onto the road to crush their next tour. They just completed their international tour of Japan and China recently and are back home writing more songs.