Dan Neale is a guitarist who moves easily from blues and country to pop, jazz, and rock. Fingerpicking, flatpicking -- he's got it covered. Back when he was a high school kid in Chattanooga, he began to think about a career in music. He played in the school band and in a group formed by his brother. That led to work with a slew of bar bands and a full-time stint in country rock group called Rawhide. In 1986, he left Tennessee for Minnesota ("I married a woman who hates hot weather," he says). As a studio player and sideman, he has worked with Martin Zellar, Bobby Vee, and a host of others. Recently, he teamed up with singer/songwriter Rex Haberman to do a CD aptly called Neale & Haberman (Reissner Records). A solo album in the works, due for release in December.