Crooked Saws. Two men, one huge sound. Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, their music has been described as the best qualities of “Monster Magnet drug by David Lynch through the finest mid-western mud.” “Grit” and “dirt,” “raw” and “soul” are words regularly used to paint a picture of their sound.

Their 2012 debut release, Mo’Fi, was recorded on a Saturday afternoon in singer/guitarist Jesse’s living room using two mics and an 8-track reel to reel machine. The album found wide television and commercial exposure, from Field & Stream’s Hook Shots to the Outdoor Channel’s Head Hunters, all the way to Showtime’s critically acclaimed Shameless. Their self produced video for the album’s opening track, "Low", has over one hundred thousand views on YouTube.

Crooked Saws released their second full length album, This Machine Sells Cars, on February 16, 2014. It’s an album that almost never happened. A week after the release of Mo’Fi, singer and guitarist Jesse Damien Revel almost died from an illness so serious it’s taken him nearly two years to recover. This Machine Sells Cars is proof that he did. From the deepest roots of the blues, of hill and mountain music, to the modern thunder of guitar and drums played hard and loud, Crooked Saws is “a two-piece powerhouse to which you can’t stop listening.”