CONTINENTAL is the latest project from Rick Barton whose resume also includes notable Boston acts THE OUTLETS, EVERYBODY OUT!, and DROPKICK MURPHYS. The concept for CONTINENTAL began with Rick’s son Stephen Barton who, after hearing a rough solo recording of his dad playing his original composition ‘Curious Spell’ in 2009, encouraged his old man to put a band together and bring this style of songwriting on the road. In Rick’s words, his style is ‘…a blend of folk, punk, and country with a heartfelt message of love, loss, pleasure, and pain.’

Continental is working man's rock and roll. Literally. Like most these days, simply being a musician doesn't pay the bills. So, father and son Rick and Stephen Barton paint houses when they're not on the road to make ends meet and maybe more importantly to keep the band and music going.

Although Rick is very well-known in certain circles for his songwriting and production on projects such as Everybody Out!, Street Dogs and FM359, he has probably made his biggest impact as guitarist and founding member of Dropkick Murphys. Continental's second full-length release, Millionaires, finds them perfecting their unique blend of influences including rock, punk, country, folk and blues. Rick's often personal lyrics and storytelling also help to set this record apart from the typical rock offering. The result being an album of singular American Rock and Roll.