College is David Grellier, a French electronic music composer, born in 1979 in Nantes. In the late '90s, he acquired his first computer with which he produced several demos influenced by artists such as Jeff Mills and Aphex Twin; and labels such as Soma Records, Peacefrog and Warp. In April 2007 he started Va...lerie, a blog that has become both a record label and an expanding cultural network of international artists. That same year saw him release his first self-produced album, Teenage Color EP, which put him into contact with the German illustrator, Alexander Burkart. They have continued to work together since, with Alexander Burkart providing their signature graphic style for the album covers of Secret Diary (2008), Northern Council (2011) and A Real Hero EP (2009). In 2011, Nicolas Winding Refn chose "A Real Hero" by College ft. Electric Youth as the theme song for his acclaimed film Drive, which then went on to win the award for Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival. College's latest album, Heritage, was released by Invada records in September 2013.