Cloves' debut single ‘Don’t You Wait’ will be released in November through Duly Noted. A stunning torch song which showcases Cloves’ soulful, mesmerizing voice, ‘Don’t You Wait’ forms part of the XIII EP which is released on November 23. The track unveils a remarkable talent who writes songs with an emotional punch. “You’ve got to honour your feelings, not go for the quickest fix,” says Kaity Dunstan, the 20-year-old from Melbourne behind the Cloves handle.

The endearing fragility of ‘Don’t You Wait’ belies its creator’s background. From the age of 13, Cloves was gigging around Melbourne’s bars and pubs, with her father acting as driver and roadie. “I’d write songs and then me and my sister would get up and perform them,” she says. Her teenage years were spent honing her songs. After writing a batch of stripped-down tracks with raw subject matter, she knew she’d found her sound. “If I write something that is genuinely upsetting to me, then it rings true,” she says.

You can hear the stirring poignancy in ‘Don’t You Wait’ and ‘Frail Love’, another track from the XIII EP which concocts something powerful from its minimalist, haunting make-up. Cloves collaborated with Lana Del Rey and Sia producer Justin Parker and Rich Cooper, who has worked with Mumford And Sons and Lucy Rose, on the EP.

Her debut album is beginning to take shape, but she won’t be rushed into it. “I want it to be stripped-back and all about the songs. They need to breathe,” she says. Cloves will play her debut UK shows throughout the end of October and start of November, including an EP launch at London’s The Waiting Room. Momentum is building for this extraordinary young singer.