Kansas City based indie rock band Clairaudients began their journey in the summer of 2012. After 5 years under the moniker "The Atlantic" The band found themselves in a new chapter of their artistic endeavor worthy of a new title. In the spirit of rebirth they have begun to reinvent and reinterpret their sound and surroundings with an increasingly organic intention.

Clairaudients' raw and infectious live show has impressed audiences on a national scale, from performing at Van's Warped Tour, South By Southwest Music Festival, and Middle of the Map Fest, to supporting major touring acts such as Lovedrug, The Scene Aesthetic, and The Mowglis (to name just a few). In May 2013, the band released their much anticipated debut, I'm A Loudmouth, You're A Puppet, and are currently writing their follow-up full length, expected Summer 2014.