Kitsuné’s favorite British four-piece CITIZENS! have released their much awaited second album, European Soul. Very few hearts resisted the rallying cry of their debut album with ‘Here We Are’ establishing itself as an irresistible dance machine and now we’re thinking back to ‘True Romance’ with its heady keyboards and a video directed by the brilliant collective We Are From L.A. Pop music is more than ever at the heart of the band’s spirit. Exiled in our label’s studio in Paris, the four Londoners have digested everything that America has in the way of soul music to give birth to European Soul, a slick pop album of modern romanticism. “This title is more ideological than political” says singer Tom Burke. It suggests the idea of sharing, of inclusion, and the will to be fearless in the face of change… Profoundly positive, European Soul is a record that leans towards the future.