Hailing from Chicago, Chris has never been a stranger to house music, laying steady footprints down in both the dj and production scene. What started as a necessary hobby over 10 years ago has evolved into a steady push of Chicago-influenced house music to all parts of the country and overseas as well. Chris has seen reviews for his material published near and far, and most recently noted as an Artist of the Month in URB Magazine. Labels such as Jackin Tracks, Dae Recordings, Spatula City, Lingo, Kinjo, and Kolour have all been a part of the production side that helped boost Chris into newer territories with a whole new fanbase.


The past year has seen Chris moving in and out of Europe, picking up styles and sounds that just don't get the push and pull often heard in Chicago. From playing the Love Parade in Berlin, to darting through France, Holland, and Belgium, Chris is certainly no stranger to overseas crowds and what it takes to move a room. Having laid down a solid path in the house scene, playing deep underground house parties to clubs and shows, his years of experience and understanding of the music show through in each set.